Failed to find connection between and the previous website. provides a more robust and unique analysis of crypto-currency blockchains. Specializing in Proof of Stake analysis, we provide a first-of-its-kind platform to see what addresses are staking, the stake weight of each stake, the annual stake rate, and more. We also provide hash rate charts for our coins that have Proof of Work mining, something that many coins and explorers do not have access to. View the richlists to see how you stack up compared to the rest of the coin holders, see your total amount minted or mined, and give you the ability to claim your address using your cryptographic signature. Get up to date exchange order books consolidated on our easy to read master orderbook in our markets page. Find addresses, transactions, and blocks to get the details you want.

Explorer List
LinkNameHeightDifficultySupplyPriceMarket Cap
Cloak 2992713 0.00260 5,405,956 $0.00000 $0
HyperStake 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0
Neutron 1511721 0.00024 39,903,559 $0.00000 $0
PIVX 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0
PIVX Testnet 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0
RateCoin 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0
SaluS 262834 65,536.00000 1,014,223 $6.85904 $6,956,597
Ultracoin 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0
Veil 0.00000 0 $0.00000 $0


Address balance charts, stake weight charts, difficulty charts, PoW hash rate charts, annualized stake rate charts, master order book, and more.

API (machine readable pages)

The API for is in progress. Current API can be accessed via api.php page. For example:


If you would like your favourite coin added to the sites coverage, or to report any errors please email me.